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Back in early 97 the core of GAWS came together as "On The Rocks" James Green was (and still is) the lead guitarist.  Steve Saunders on drums, and Terry Walker on bass.  You know how bands go, singers and guitarists come and go.  Waiting patiently for the right singer to come along, or the right rhythm guitarist to complete the line up.  Eventually it would end up time after time just the three of them ( James, Steve, and Terry) as the only keepers of the faith.  So after a few years of this, Terry assumes the rhythm guitar and lead vocals role. On the rocks found a new bass player ( Kenny Allen) to take over the bass duties.  With the new line up, a new name was needed, after all this wasn't really the same band as before. Therefore GAWS was born.  "Green, Allen, Walker & Saunders (GAWS).  After about a year of rehearsals GAWS went in a nice studio in Weddington NC "The Front Porch) with Platinum record winning engineer Richard Piatt, and recorded a 3 song demo entitled "Wicked Little Game"  With lots of local licks shows airplay and  over  950 downloads on word of mouth is spreading around about one of the few  "original sounding bands  in this area.  Now two years later and a long deserved break, GAWS is back with a new bass player " Craig McCloud" , and gearing up to finish the cd they started in 2000. Lots of the old originals that fans love and lots of  great new songs too, will be featured on this CD. GAWS is one of the most varied bands in terms of style of writing original songs, that you'll see in this area of the south.  The band is hoping for an early summer release, and plan to have one hell of a cd.


                         Our Members are

                 Terry Walker - Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitarbullet_h_thm.gif (2025 bytes)

                       James Green -  Lead Guitar

                      Steve "Pit" Saunders - Drums

                       Craig McCloud - Bass Guitar