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                         Session Photo's

                                                       Billly.JPG (125730 bytes)                    Billy Smiling.JPG (109406 bytes)

                                                                 Billy  laying down some killer drum tracks

                                                IMAGE127.jpg (139052 bytes)                                      Terry.JPG (87627 bytes)

                                          Jay Tracking vocals                    Engineer Terry Walker at the helm

                                            Matt.JPG (86522 bytes)                                            Phil.JPG (109947 bytes)

                                   Matt laying down some groove                          Phil tracking guitar parts

                                              Phil and Terry.JPG (96300 bytes)                                        Matt the finger.JPG (81263 bytes)

                                Phil in the Control Room              Matt in the live room offering  the engineer advice 

                                                                                      IMAGE123.jpg (162604 bytes)

                                                                          GDU Studios Control Room