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Equipment List

Recording System

VS 2480 HD w/keyboard, mouse, and VGA monitor

64 Channel 16 Bus  Fully Automated Digital Mixer

Roland VS Digital Editor

30 Gig Hard Drive

The Latest Roland Operating System  Version 2.9

24 Bit / 96 khz Resolution 

384 V Tracks/24 at mix down

VS Mastering Room Mastering Effects Algorithms

Custom Built 1.6 gigahertz PC

500 megs Ram

Windows XP Pro

CD/DVD Burner

40 gig HD

MusicMatch Jukebox Plus Software


Focusrite ISA 220 Session Pack  pro channel strip with 24bit/96khz A/D option installed


XLR or 1/4" preamp inputs

Focusrite ISA series world class vocal preamp

Focusrite 4 band EQ

Focusrite Compressor/Limiter

Focusrite De Esser


Behringer Truth Reference Powered Monitors


Plextor Mastering CD burner


3 Roland VS8F2 Internal effects card  processors

Sansamp Bass DI

Line 6 Pod XT Pro

Digitech Studio One Vocal FX Processor

2 Digitech Valve FX (tube) guitar fx processor/preamps w/Control One Controller

A/B Electronics Dual 15 band EQ

Ibanez Virtual Amp

Vintage Boss Bass Flanger

DoD pedal EQ

DoD Ice Box Chorus

Dod Flanger

Boss Bass Flanger

Boss HM-2 Distortion

Boss Digital Delay/Pitch Shifter

Ibanez Multi Chorus

Dunlop Original Cry Baby Wah


Joe Meek JM47 Studio Condenser Mic

AKG C1000S Condensor

1 Shure SM57

4 Shure SM58's

15 assorted mics

Drum Mics

 3 Audix F-10  Rack Tom mics

1 Audix F-12 Floor Tom drum mic

2 Audix F-15 Cymbal mics

1 Audix D-6 Bass Drum mic


Gibson Les Paul Special

Ibanez RG-270 DX

Dean 1979 series  ML

Dean EVO

Fender Strat

Hondo Deluxe Series Flyin V

Conqueror Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar w/fender lace pickup

Ibanez Roadstar 2 Bass Guitar


Splawn Plexi 100 watt all tube head

Mesa Dyna Watt 20/20 Stereo pwr amp

Mosvalve 1160  100 watt pwr amp

2 Marshall JCM 900 2x12

Fender Acoustitronic 30 Acoustic Amp

GK 800 RB Rack Bass Head

SLM 500 watt stereo pwr amp

Shure 6 Channel Tube Preamp/Poweramp

A/B Electronics 100 watt stereo monitor amp


Splawn 4x12 cab loaded with 75 watt Celestions

Vintage Jenson  loaded 1x12 Guitar Cab

Custom built 4x12 cab loaded with 75 watt Celestions

Ampeg 4x10 Bass Cab


Pearl Export Series w/Zildgian Cymbals

Yamaha Stage Customs

Boss DR-880 Drum Machine


Studiomaster  142 Club 2000 Mixer

2 KMD 1x15 w/horn speakers

1 Peavey Session 400  powered stage monitor