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                                                                        Studio Construction

   Here's some pix of the construction of the studio. The budget was $2000. We took an old, 65 year old handmade, block building, and built another room inside of the existing structure. The dimensions of the building on the inside is 20'x 22'. The live room is 13'x 20 and the control room is around 7'x 20'. We're insulated the walls with 4 layers of carpet padding between the studs. The wall separating the control room from the live room is double walled. Over the insulation is 5/8" sheetrock. So the control room wall will is - Sheetrock, 4 layers carpet padding, 2 sheets of OSB, another 4 layers of carpet padding, and another layer of sheetrock. I'll keep posting pix of our progress to completion, so keep checking back. 

                         The two pix below are of the room before construction..


                       And We Begin a Three month project..

                           click on the pix to enlarge







                                             Stuffing the walls with carpet padding is Finally Over, man that took forever..........


                                                          Here we've got all the sheetrock up and have began (Puttying)



                            We're about 90% complete now. I painted the walls and ceiling with white textured paint, and then 

                            hung black thick cloth on the walls too. The floor has 1 layer plywood, 1 layer of carpet, 1 layer of 

                          particle board and then two layers of carpet on top of that! The area where the drums sit, has four layers 

                         of sheetrock under the two last (top) layers of carpet for a drum isolation pad which also has room for the

                             bass amp too. This setup works great. The room sounds fantastic, not too bouncy, and not too dead.


                                                      Studio Desk.JPG (98530 bytes)                  


                       Finally, the studio is finished. We have a live/drum room, control room, and a recently finished Vocal Booth